JIM STEINMAN:The man behind Meat Loaf
Jim Steinman, the man  behind Meat Loaf, song writer, the biggest, to me.
Made a lot of music to other singers, Of course
Meat Loaf,
and also
Bonnie Tyler,
Air Supply,
Written music to musicals like,
Danz der Vampyre,
Whistle down the wind.

Music to movies like:
The confidence man,
Streets of fire,
The shadow,

Two solo album:
Bad for good.
Pandora`s box.
Bad for good
BAD FOR GOOD:                               
And I know that I`M going to be like this thing forever,
I`m never gonna be what I should,
And you think that I`ll be bad for just a little while,
But I know that I`ll be BAD FOR GOOD.

This is lyrics from his first solo album, Bad for good, recorded in 1981.He started his work with Meat Loaf in the middle of the 70`s, with the fantastic album Bat out of hell.

Out of the frying pan......

It`s never been this hot,
And I`ve never been so bored,
And breathing is just no fun anymore,
Then I saw you like a summer dream,
And you`re the answer to,
Every prayer that I ever said,
Maybe the most famous song, from Jim

No matter what...
Lyrics by Jim Steinman.

No matter what they tell us,
No matter what they do,
No matter what they teach us,
What we belive is true.

No matter what they call us,
However they attack,
No matter where they take us,
We`ll find our own way back.

I can`t deny what I belive,
I can`t be what I`m not,
I know I`ll love forever,
I know, no matter what.

If only tears were laughter,
If only night was day,
If only prayers were answerd,
Then we would hear God say.

No matter what they tell you,
No matter what they do,
No matter what they teach you,
What you belive is true.

Ans i will keep you safe and strong,
And sheltered from the storm,
No matter where it`s barren,
A dream is being born.

No matter who they follow,
No matter where they lead,
No matter how they judge us,
I`ll everyone you need.

No matter if the sun don`t shine,
Or if the skies are blue,
No matter what the ending,
My life began with you.

I can`t deny what I belive,
I can`t be what I`m not,
I know this love is forever,
I know, no matter what.

I can\t deny what I belive,
I can`t be what I`m not,
I know this love`s forever,
That`s all that matters now,
No matter what.

Jim Steinman,the man behind Meat Loaf.
PANDORA`S BOX; Original sin.

Jim Steinman`s second solo album,     
Original sin, came in 1989,
With the famous song:
It`s all coming back to me now,
song by Elaine Caswell,later by
Celine Dion, and Meat Loaf, with
Marion Ravn.
Just forget Celine Dion and Marion Ravn,
This songs belong to Elaine Caswell,
That`s what I mean about it!

This is adressed to all the people who answerd, or maybe thinking of answering the personal ad I placed in volume 2, number 15 of this newspaper two weeks ago friday.
FIRST: my appologies to the huge bartender with the voice and the lighthearted dark skinned advertising man. If either of you had called me back,I might not be writtening this reaction of my ad , even though I will soon be too busy to date much, But why didn`t you call back?
BUT to all the others... which include the two terrifying sisters, the under 18`s, and the over 60`s, the numerous ones who dialed my number, and hung up as soon as I said "hello", the 35 or 40 of you, who made dates with me and never showed up... including the one who complained his body was so powerful he couldn`t controll it anymore, the desperate wife-seekers, the already married, the one was so one-sided that he could think of nothing but sex, and then had gall to ask me, if his nationality, was a reason i wouldn`t not sleep with him, the many who couldn`t get up when I was agreeable and the many who could and did when I was not, the pleasant young foreigner, who turned out to be the property of his gigantic girlfriend, the ones who were so grotesque in their apperance that I couldn`t possibly get by their faces to even consider a relationship with them, especially sexual... the shark`s, the geeks, and the sadists, the latter catagory which I had specifically stated I didn`t want, the ones who wanted endless dirty talk, the ones who wanted to be punished, the ones who could only boast about the bank-rolls and/or their equipment, and this definitely includes the teacher, who said: "All the kids want my stuff", the businessman had an adjecive for every letter in his last name: "R is for rich", the ones and they were many who said," my name is so and so, how far do you go", the 300 pound lady judge who screamed abuse at me, the transvestite, who wanted me to support him, the numerous young studs, who had nothing to offer, besides the negative result of their goddamn blood test, the diminutive actor and all the other short ones, the astronomer, who cried like a baby, and said he`d been betrayed by every star he ever knew, the fanatic priest, who wanted me to confess to things I`d never dreamed of, the worn out soldiers, the burned out poets, the pumped up jocks, and used up kids, the racists, including the one at whose place I left my white sweather, and I`d rather cut off my right thumb go back for it... the drunks, junkies crack and cokeheads, the multitude of liars, and especially the nice ones who never called back!

I`ll be starting school next mounth, and I just don`t want to be bothered. Don`t hold your breath, any of you.
the underweight platinum blonde,

I`ve been looking for a original sin....

He`s there in the bedroom,
He`ll crawl into your dreams,
He`s anything he wants to be,
But he`s never what he seems..

Whistle down the wind-96
And I will keep you safe and strong,
And shelted from the storm,
No matter where it`s barren,
A dream is being born.
Whistle down the wind